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Buy a Diamond Ring, get an Amputated Hand Free

Seeing the movie blood damond really opens up eyes on what is happening with the kids in Africa. Its just the reality. Even now Africa has 200000 child soldiers as per 2006 statistics. It is hairraising reality that the apparently innocent buyers of diamond are cause for this.

GOOD vs EVIL -- now total justice



What is good? Why is good? What is goodness? Who is so called 'The good shephard'? Who is the man of the God?

Solution- Knowledge is good. Good is the universe. God is good. Logic is god. Universe is logical. Its meant to be like that. Everything/God complies with it. With good we win. Everyone wants to win. So everyone wants good. Evil wants good. Everyone looks for good. There is no argument to good but evil.


What is evil? Why is evil? Who is evil? What is satan?

Solution- Foolishness makes evil. Evil establishes for good men to do nothing. Humans have choice to choose good or bad/Positive or negative. Thats why humans are powerful. Powerful than God. Dont blame god for evil happenings. When we choose the bad, we are establishing the foolishness and "established foolishness plus power is evil". Satan is no one being. It is the evil (the adjective/property/behavior itself) whereever it is.. in things/people/information. Evil is bad. It m…

me...? Nerd!!

hmm....i never guessed that


Society: Observation forms thoughts. Thoughts affect actions. Actions make a person. People form society. If people are rubbish there is no society. If we live in our own boxes, there's no place we're living in. Then we're boxed individuals. Creatures not humans..

Society isn't there then why are we worried about status/standards ..beliefs
Why we are flaunting them when ITs just your OWN? body is gonna appreciate it!

Way to be

"Way to Be"
Know Your self and then Be yourself

Cling to logic. Go with logic always.. no need to run fast/haphazardly.

Do not tag things up to create a wall in front of you, for that is IGNORANCE

Be rational and always learn.

If people pull you in too many directions, demanding the impossible, be assertive. Stand up for yourself with the cool confidence of a seasoned veteran, ready to demand equality in tasks and responsibilities.

Don't befriend the satan that we humans have created.

*LOVE* each other, Naturally... :)

LOGIC is God