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Life Process Re-engineering

LPR- Life Process Re-engineering
Heard of Business process re-engineering? Do you know why we do business process re-engineering or BPR as its more commonly known? For increasing profit. Material profit. Because material profit is one thing no one is opposed to. Everybody wants to be materially rich and there is nothing wrong in it.
One can literally see this profit in figures and numbers.

We do a lot of re-thinking when we apply BPR to our business. We re-think the fundamentals of various processes like sales, customer-retention, supply chain, etc. at the basic level. We do major changes in the philosophy of the company itself.

Now the point to ponder upon is why don't we do the same re-thinking with our life too? There is personal growth and spiritual profit that means more than the material profit. How we been living, what are our perceptions, how much knowledge do we have comparative to the idols, and how happy we really are from the inside?, these …

Hate bollywood?, you're not alone..

The pact between media and bollywood

Media publicizes the fair image(the false one) of bollywood artists so that their page-3 articles are never short of stories. Media never compares the wages of ANY service-men with that of a bollywood artist to show how bad is the resource distribution in our country.

It is like a war within society, where the over-privileged people continue to project their fair images to make it a norm and thence to turn off the possibility protest by the underprivileged, which will be like a drop of milk in a glass of water(wont take long to dissolve without any signs left) .

If this page3 projection of society is Indian society, i don't care about my social image!!

Horse sensed

Everyone likes easy access to power and success these days. People are going for anything that can give them the same. May it be talking bad words, showing extra-smartness through cheap words and actions, or doing whatever that gives pleasure and better life on the cost of other's life's, we are ready to do it unless it has immediate harmful return.

People are becoming more and more like HORSE-SENSE MAN. It means we perceive the reality only as much as we sense from our senses. People don't want to think over matters.

Laughter is a God-gift for humans to lighten up on our own foolishness. So laugh. HAHAHAH..., but remember things can't be ignored because-

"There are no passengers on Spaceship Earth. We are all crew." - Marshall McLuhan
"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." - John Muir

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