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Moral education versus Material education

Moral education versus Material education

Moral education is like primary education which has to be uniform and primary for all of us whereas the material education is like higher education which has to be specific for all of us.

If some people are devoid of moral education then its bad of all of us which is not the case with material education. We are dependent on each other and so we must ensure that everyone does his work right.

Moral education can be formal and informal both...but first formal moral education and equal opportunity to gain it is very important. Moral education has to be logical and filled with a lot of sense and rationality so that everyone can understand it. Morals don't mean we give religion-based guidelines of commandments to students but let them inquire and understand it along with logical arguments.

We lose the sense of how much power is in the universe we live in and the responsibility that we need to manage…

God is the ruler

GOD rules this world??

God binds this world together. He is the creator. He is the cause. He is order. He is almighty. But i don't have any clue if he governs this world at all!
Logically i can say that God won't interfere in humanity because the world is based on freewill. God gave us life and he gave us everything then he let us choose freely. Now, he wouldn't like to give us orders and make us robots. Sure, he can give us guidance.. but that too is already been there in Religions, Philosophical texts and through the great minds... Its just some of us who don't follow that.

We choose wrong because of our ego and ignorance and let others suffer. The suffering may come back onto one or not, that is a matter of chance, but anyway we remain very dependent on each other. Although he made us as individuals, but there is no individual justice in this life.

Advantage to evil

The advantage that evil has is that there is no restraint in evil, which is a classic separation between evil and good.

Its easy to damage and hard to create or mend. That gives evil a natural advantage over the good. Lie has many forms and human stupidity has no limits which is another advantage to evil. Truth has only one form and it is as easy as ever to ignore it. It is so hard to fight evil because the norms man creates for society are very bad because it is so hard to force a person to do the right thing because one has individual choice and its easy to do evil and hard for others to argue in opposition. It is so because people do not have faith in God(cause) and think about just the benefit to their lives(effect) .. It is not because man needs a lot of wisdom to choose the right but its because of our ego and how morals and values are set into our minds.

After the majority becomes ignorant and evil, it all comes down to who wins at last..

Logic says that good is already won. It n…