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Linux Distributions Reviewed by Me

Ubuntu - THE BEST and most stable distro. I rarely found a bug while using it. Installation of programs is easy. The best part is the Ubuntu installer which can be used even by a 6 yr old. Ease of use and solid online support are its pros. New versions (after 9.04) boot very fast. Rating: 9/10

Linux mint - Good distro, all media plug-ins are pre-installed and has the stability of Ubuntu. Rating: 8/10

Mandriva- The distro I prefer after Ubuntu. Control Panel provided is good. Network Manager is fabulous. Media plug-ins are pre-installed. Software installer is not good. Rating: 7/10

Slackware – Nothing to like in it. Still with LILO (no GRUB). Rating: 5/10

Debian - Stable but lacking in features. Nothing special about it. Can’t be called a modern distro. Rating: 6/10

Opensuse - No good after version 10.3, because of the KDE4 which crashes frequently. Rating: 7/10

Vixta – One word-Crap. Rating: 3/10

Belenix - Not good, boot time is too high and there is nothing special about it. Rating: 5/10