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Bodh - The cognition of knowledge

The ability to differentiate between right and wrong is a human being's biggest ability. It gives man the ability to imagine,search, and reach anything. 

Small bits make bigger parts and parts combined make the whole. Man can  start doing things in small bits and pieces and expect a bigger and worthier end provided he is doing the righteous. Meaning righteous behavior can lead man to the good things in life and progress him to a way to find his purpose and the truth about life.

Right mindset is needed to understand anything. And that is why right  mindset is needed to achieve anything.

Different people think differently and that is why they perceive  differently. Perception affects understanding. Demented understanding of  things already known to the mind may be the basic hurdle for it to  understand something else just as some readers may think this article is crap and  some may find it enlightening.

Mind always tends to think: "what is the immediate gain for me"? and t…