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Hassle in even disconnecting an already poor service - MTNL broadband - My story

A lot of MTNL users have stopped using MTNL in the last few years, as their service is becoming poorer by the day. I thought otherwise earlier, because luckily, for me, MTNL connection was working without a glitch for the last 6-7 years.

But recently, I had to experience the overall poor service of MTNL Delhi (Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited) when I moved to a new house. I'll tell you what made me decide disconnecting a 6-year old MTNL broadband connection.

MTNL's service has been very good at my older place(a different pin code but same exchange). A solid line with good speeds for unlimited connections at a fair price. I was a happy customer once.

Initially, I had some difficulties in getting them to shift the connection to the new home. The MTNL guys who came to install the connection at my new place were not able to make it working at all. As soon as I got past those problems and my Internet started working, I had new problems. Broadband will only work sometimes and with…