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Nuclear Supremacy Tug-of-war, Destructive Tendencies of Countries & other Problems of the World

Problems :
Countries are concerned more about nuclear capabilities and missile ranges than eradicating poverty and bringing happiness to the lives of the common man.Articles are being published that so and so country is this much capable to bring a holocaust to so and so countries. Such news breeds negativity and rivalry among countries, who ideally should be working together towards betterment and to resolve conflicts. War is not a solution, not now! We all know a third war will bring humanity down to its knees and may cause imbalance in nature to the extent of an irreversible state.Countries flaunting military supremacy. This will not be needed when all the countries in the world are friendly. There are better things to focus on like renewable energy sources, health services, science and technological advances, humanitarian causes, better law and order than to flourish war-like conditions.Defense is not there for just defense anymore, power-hungry countries are using armies as a mean…