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Recently i developed a shopping cart application to be integrated to an online shopping demo website.I used J2EE with Weblogic server.The application was designed and developed by me.Tried to conserve MVC design architecture.

When i was developing an online shopping cart application using J2EE, the details of all items purchased by the customer had to be saved into the database.

The problem was that i was designing my DB in MS Access or Sybase back then.These dont support object storage.But i had to store the order given by a customer wholly into one coloumn in a table of the database. So I had to deal with it somehow.

i came around the problem with an unorthodox approach.I just stored the information about the items purchased as a string code that could be decoded to regain info from that data.That helped me store all the purchase information in one particular coloumn of the table! :)

The Fresher Tag....

hi im a guy from delhi suffering the givings of the "fresher" tag!!

Guys i think one reason for why its happening is that there's no scope for practical talent. Companies are having standard procedures for shortlisting freshers that i suppose are not talent filters.

Good companies can only afford to train freshers so they're taking ppl with good academics only like 65(throughout) or 70+ :( Companies ignore the fact that there is talent (real practical application knowledge, which is veryyyy different from academics) among average guyz too.. *-)
This applies particularly more to the IT field.

what option than you think remains with IT freshers like me to avoid "NO-job tension" but to join a marketing/bpo job???

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