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HR tricks...

The HR managers do not think twice before playing dirty games with any1 who wants to be recruited to their company.

Their trick is to get all the information and provide none or very limited to those whom they're dealing with.Another thing is the time at which the info is provided. The one who gets to know the things first is the one who benefits from the situation the most.

I might be able to explain this with this example-

It has happened to me twice... feature this-

I get a call...the HR person says we need good comm skills...and sound tech. knowledge...the salary will be good for a fresher 12k+..
they tell if its not a software job....but we are taking BTech graduates i go for the interview...they have a personal interview, GD session and then they tell about the company..its very good an all that stuff... At the very last we come to know that there has to be a 1yr commitment with the company!

Some of you might have experienced this when you asked some company for …

Outdated info on the web!

The four most important characteristics for any DATA to be considered as information are:

1. Usefulness-the info should help in reaching to a decision
2. Reliability-source should be present & considered reliable
3. Sufficiency-half information is worse than none!
4. Timeliness- is it there soon enough OR dead late to be meaningful!!

For almost all information found on the Internet we do find the first three properties but certainly not the fourth one that is timeliness.

To my experience Internet is full of redundant and outdated information.

Redundancy is necessary but up to a limited extent. After that its useless...sometimes u search for
one topic and hundreds or mayB a few thousand posts come up..then its fine,
but when a lakh results come up and more than half of them are exactly alike then it is useless redundancy.

Outdated information is not handled properly by the website administrators.They put the content but do not remove it regularly..pages which are not being viewed …