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एकता में बल है- Unity is power

Unity is power because unity brings order and order is power.

For animals the nature sets the order and individuals do not have power to change it. But humans do have power to change the order, and that can be done only with collective intelligence.

Humans are powerless otherwise.... we need to understand this and make sure that knowledge leads us in the right direction. We belong to the species of homo-sapien, whose best power lies in his being wise.. and not in powers of other type like body strength, disguise, biological evolution, mighty in nos. etc..

It is said that humanity needs courage more than anything else in this 'kalyuga' (the age of evil -vedas). Courage to accept our mistakes, courage to accept that we all are dependent on each other and if we don't care for each other, bad things are bound to happen in future. Courage is to take the responsibility of humanity as a whole...

Its surprising that humans do not learn from the history neither the masses are ready t…

Occult means shit of humanity

Occult means Shit of Humanity

I know about people who have special skills like telepathy, other paranormal powers like the ability to affect others from a distance with magical rituals... even contacting to people on other side of the earth as per will, and despite having so many powers and privilege over others they have used those things for harming others, making them afraid and thence keeping ahead of all.

It clearly shows how foolish the humanity is. Some people have kept such knowledge from each other for their own selfishness and are now their kids or followers are using it for cheap selfish fun and power-play.

I Felt Ubuntu

After using SUSE 10.1 for a year on my old desktop, i had to install pirated XP on the new PC just for the sake of troubleshooting my internet connection which suddenly stopped working ..

After reinstalling the drivers for LAN and buying a new LAN card, i came to know that its not the problem with the hardware.. but its with the ISP. So i went for Linux again and installed Ubuntu this time!

I am loving the Hardy Heron(Ubuntu 8.04) on my desktop. Just installed it over my XP and it installed right away from the windows installation program...!

I didn't want to play with the existing installation of windows so i chose to install heron in the D drives largest contiguous space and it worked right Didn't took long to install it... and the desktop is cool. It includes many features over the older versions like the Deskbar(similar to Google desktop search), the Fspot photo manager and Firefox 3..and the new System Monitor which is even better than many of the monitoring ut…